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Search Engine Marketing | Pinnacle Website DesignsSearch Engine Marketing is also commonly referred too as AdWords, Pay-Per-Click, SEM or PPC. If you or your business are looking for "instant" leads and results, Search Engine Marketing is the way to go to put your product or service in the consumers face within 24 hours.

Very simply put, you pay Google or Microsoft adCenter a certain amount per use of specific keywords, and your ad will appear under the "Sponsored Results" when a potential customer performs a search on their respective search engines. There are generally three ads at the top of the page and eight on the right of the page. Your ad placement is dependent on the bid price placed on a particular keyword or key-phrase.

There are a lot of misconceptions when it comes to the setup of AdWords campaigns and a lot of people think it's "easy". Unfortunately, there is a lot more to it and it's not as simple as creating an AdWords account with a simple campaign, ad group, some keywords and that's it.

The goal with AdWords is to pay the lowest amount possible per click for the highest possible position and that is all determined by your click-through-rate. There are many variables to consider such as the bid pricing and adjustments, ad relevance, landing page relevance, separation of mobile and tablet traffic from desktop and laptop traffic and negative keywords. Let's also not forget keyword match types, do you go with phrase, broad or exact match?


Search Engine Marketing is seceond-nature to us. We can guarantee that when we setup and maintain your AdWords account and campaigns that you will pay less for a higher position than your competitors are paying for a lower position. How is that possible? With our years of experience and knowledge, we know AdWords inside-and-out and have learned all of the tips and tricks need for a sucessful campaign. Remember, Pinnacle Website Designs is based out of Las Vegas, but we can handle your business regardless of your location.

If you're interested more in organically optimizing your website rather than Search Engine Marketing, we reccomend checking out our Search Engine Optimizing Service.

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